The archaeological and historical heritage of Lanka Patuna Religious Place

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It is located 300 kilo meteres far from Colombo.if you want to go there take a bus to Seruwavila and get down at Arippu junction.Then getting a bus to Lankapatuna could be reached religious place.

According to archaeologist exploration evidence were met that various building were built for monks.There is a rock here.It was used to held oblation for temple where tooth had kept.Today also have been protected.terrace of old tope,plastering part of cement,moulding.Bowls of tope was destroyed by treasure thieves. After the excavation three chamberd bowls, creating in bricks were found.Another chambers were destroyed.It is clear that Anuradhapura constructional technology is used to plastering treasure of ancient tope.Archaeological facts said that In addition to themthere had been a bosath image here.But it couldn’t be seen.Land is nearly 20 acres. A couldren carved cave and poundation and wall are some information in archiology.There is a large pond ( 58*32meters ) under the tope for using monks.

Dabagasare Sri Sumedhankara maha thero had found this religious place since 1940 decade. And protected it till 1984.Poundaton for monasterywas put in 1984.But unfortunately war in terrorism and opposition of terrorist to Buddhism this place was destroyed.The kovil was held on ancient tope and made a stairs using broken stone pillars.

Nowdays monastery has been built and this place is considered as a sacred place for every Buddhist.


Sacred tooth relic is a great valuable thing for every Buddhist in Srilanka.It is considered as a live Buddhist and worshipped respectivively.In fast there was a fact that anyone who had the tooth relic he was the protector in kingdom.

Tooth beauty has a special place among Buddhist 32 great masculine descriptions of stories  and verses about tooth relic of lord Buddha.After the cremation of lord Buddha large and small relics were devided.Among of them four tooth relics have a great place.One of them is at Siluminasaya of god sacra.It is a right relic other one was brought god snake to offer and now it is at snake world.It is a left one.Third one was owned to Gandarva country.

Folklore noticed that it was received to Srilanka and deposited at Somawathiya cairn.It was also a right relic.When fire was down the cremation pagoda of lord Buddha arahath Kema thero had taken other left tooth relic and gave it to king Brahmadaththa in Kalinga country.But he was hervesy person.Therefore Kema thero discoursed the dharma him and assisted samyakdushtiya.King Brahmadhaththa built arelic palace cosisting with gold,silver,pearl gem and other various valuable goods.King gave attension and complimented in his life time.His sons ,kings of his ancestry hold offerings for that.


                      Botherd of tooth relic

King Guhaseewa appointed as a king.He joined false and he didn’t do any offers and he worked according to gymnasophists.But people worshipped.King asked about that his ministers.So King had been asked that the ancestor of kings had offered and worshipped dalada from past.Then king give up hetesy and hold offers.Therefore gymnosophists  tried to conspirate.They want to king Padhi at patalee town and said slander against Guhassewa.King padi put the tooth relic on fire at first.Secondly be trampled  by sledge hammer.Next it was buried.Then it was threw away to untidy cannal.But it couldn’t be destroyed.Then king Guhaseewa brought it Kaligu country and warshipped various ways.


               Battle for Daladha

King Beeradara requested tooth relic and he encived the Kalinga place asking for relic.King Guhaseewa thought that if he will die in battle he would not give the relic.He called his son in law prince Dantha and said that when he will die in battle you bring the tooth relic to Srilanka undercoverly.Then king went battle with Beeradara .Unfortunately in that night king Guhaseewa was died.With this regrettable death prince Dantha and princess Hemala kumara started to come Srilanka in brahmian colour.King Mahasen ruler in Srilanka knew the great power of tooth relic. And ask for at least some water washing tooth relic.King Mahasen had sent gold,silver,pearl and jem for dalada.

On the way to Srilanka the royal couple had to hide tooth relic under the sand cairn near river side and one arahath thero came to here and ask details,gave secure for them.

Untill waiting for a ship yatching to Srilanka at ‘’Tharmulipthaya’’ habour.Pandhura, king of snake came to here for water play.He saw shines through tooth relic casket.Then he knew it was the tooth relic and he devoured casket and went away.Couple cvied sadly.Arahath saw their mind anyish that met in river side gave it back.

Them it was hidden in Hemamala’s hair and they reached Srilanka by ship.Arahath thero always escaped them in danger.


       Coming Ashore Lanaka patuna

In ce 203 – 301 king Siri Megawarna was the king of Anuradhapura.Srilanka coast line consist of 1000 km in lengh.Lanka patuna habour took important place among east and west harbours.lanka patuna is owned to Kottiyarpeththuwe in east province in the past this was called as Lanka pattana currently it was called as Lanka pattana currently it was called as Lanka patuna.when reading folklore and sources could recognize about Lanka patuna habour.

Princess Baddakachchana and prince of shakya ancestry came to east sea- coast and they started various colong as like as Wijithagrama,Ramagothaya,Deegayu and Rohana.Seavey and ship way are main caused to starting colony.


In night Royal couple came to Lankapatuna harbour kept tooth relic at the fane on the rock which one the currently cairn is located.the next day it was bought Anuradhapura and handed over to king Sirimegawarna,various  presents had given to prince and princess and they were pleased.

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