The archaeological and historical heritage of Landslide in Meeriyabedde Estate - October 2014

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The land slide at Meeriabadda in Haldumulla in Badulla district on 29th October,2014.was only second to the tragedy of Tsunami which occurred in 2004. It is believed more than hundred families were missing and more than 300 people were living there were trapped.

An are around two kilometers had been affected by the land slide. It happened at the end of the Meeriabadda estate ,situated on the road Vallawaya, 8 miles from Koslanda.

On that day this place has received 100 m.m. rainfalls and the national building research institute has acknowledged d the disastrous situation in 2005.

The main reason for such things are due to human misbehavior towards the nature. Though the inhabitants were informed early about the disastrous situation they neglected to change their living places.

It is a sympathetic situation , to see the survivors, school going children who lost their parents. It is our responsibility to take immediate actions for their future.

Location : Koslanda, Haldummulla, Sri Lanka
How to reach :  
Date : 29 October 2014
Time : 7:30 am (Sri Lanka time)
Cause : Landslide due to heavy rain
Deaths: 16
Missing : 192
Property damage: 150 houses destroyed, infrastructure damage


  • Haldummulla, Sri Lanka

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