The archaeological and historical heritage of Kothmale Pusulpitiya Viharaya

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                     The historical relation between about this “Pusulpitiya Viharaya” was belonging to 3rd century in left bank of the Kothmale Stream.  There was a budhi tree plant in here period of king “Dewanampiyatissa”. And also there is news about prince “Dutogamunu” come in Kothmale.

                  This “Pusulpitiya Viharaya” was famous for the monk “Maliyadewa” who was bought four “Dabaran” statue from India and one of this statue was lay up here. According to historical details about this temple this temple was use for hide the tooth relic and “Pathra Dathuwa” in period incursion of ”Maga” , yield the palm to British in 1815 and the  disturbance of Udarata. There is a caion in inward of this “Pusulpitiya Viharaya” was built king “Dutogamunu”. The fane is near the shrine room is on behalf of the god dominant of rain. The “Dabaran Pilimaya” is  lay up in this temple. But it was grasp by thieves and can’t found it back.

                    The owned in this temple has a plum leaf book with including “Pusulpitiya Varnanawa” and the details also include in “Nam Potha”. As well as the Lorry’s dictionary  also note about this temple. According to Lorry’s note there are lots of gold, silver and copper idol and wooden statues. This temple has many Lands. The king “Kirthi Sri Rajasingha” was gave the”Viharewaththa”. There is a tradition oil lamp which gave King II “Rajasingha” for this temple. the “Poya Semawa” was built by monk named “upali”.


                  Among the temple is in Kothmale area this “Pusulpitiya Rajamaha Viharaya” is historical valuable place.

  • Kotmale, Sri Lanka

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