The archaeological and historical heritage of Kotadeniya Purana Viharaya

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Kotadeniya Purana Viharaya

The Historical archaic ‘Kotdeniya rajamaha veharaya’ in Kandy district belonging to Ukuwela secretariat division. We can accessible for this same historical temple, when we going kandy Raithalawela across Matale road and across Ukuwela  junction and travels 4km to Wariyapola road. In here there good climate. Agriculture is occupation of many people live in here. In this area they have good climate in whole year and also the ‘Sudu gaga’ is situate in here. From this temple we can view ‘Hunnasgiri’ and ‘Dumbara’ mountains

                          This temple was built in time of Matale Godapala Nuwara ‘Vejayapala Kumaru’ belonging to Period of Kandy. There are no any evidence about this temple, which time it was begin. The evidence are destroyed because of war united British in 1818 and 1848 .That is about note book who written named ‘Meegasthanna Adekaram Thuma’ was note  this ‘Katodeniya Veharaya’ was destroy.but there are full of residual ancient things, Buddha image, murals, flaky tiles, dragon pandol and beautiful brass turret. They hope this temple belongs to period of Kandy.

                      Ancient people idea is this  ‘Godapala Kumaru’ was a eldest son of “Dona katerina” alias ‘Kusumasana Devi’. There are many reason about, how it became  ‘Katodeniya’. The first folklore was there are lots of huge trees with thorns and flowers with thorns  in this area, since it became ‘Katodeniya’ and another  folklore  was a king come across this area he saw this forest full of thorn, so it also ‘Katodeniya’.people who live in this village they hope there a Bodhi tree before build this  temple. In oral tradition this Bodhi tree was a part of ‘Jaya Sri Maha Bodheya’.

                     In ‘Kotdeniya Rajamaha Veharaya’ there are many painting belonging to period of Kandy. Inside of the temple we can see these painting on the wall and the ceiling.  The provincial artist designed the main idol and there are full of statue of door keeper, statue of lion, statue of gods and dragon pandol. There are beautiful lotus design and creeper design in wood ceiling.


                    After long time this temple became destroy because of without any residence of the monk. But now the fund of middle cultural via this place up date preservation. We can say the people who come to see those temples this ‘Katodeniya Veharaya’ is the most aesthetic and historical place in Kandy district.

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