The archaeological and historical heritage of Kirialle Nadun Rajamaha Viharaya

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                This historical important place is situated in 6mites to Ahaliyagoda town. This temple is located in the right side of the small valley at one's feet of the mountain.


                 The “Kirialle Nadun Rajamaha Viharaya” was belong to period of “Seethawaka” who was the king I “ Rajasigha”(c:e 1581-1593). The misbehavior work of the king      “Rajasigha” ,the monk was left the dispensation  and this “Seethawaka” area. But some of them are try to protect the dispensation as acounter. Full of the Sabaragamuwa there are counter was lived here note in the book who “Kirialle Ganawimala Himi”was write.


                  In “Uda Karadana” area there are a monk named “Dewarakkitha”, his hand writing was beautiful ,so the king said he want a “Madum Sagiyak”. so this “Dewarakkitha Himi” wrote a book and gave to the king. The king gave 8305 acre manor for this.  This manor was sign sabaragamu and Kandy “Abayakon Mudiyanse Ralahami”. It has special features.This manor has ownership for monk who was lived in this temple.


               According to architecture features about this “Nadun Rajamaha Viharaya” there are three shrines are in here. The oldest one is the “Tampita Viharaya”.it was made by “Nadun” wood and there are a”Samadhi Pilimaya” on the seat made by “Nadun wood”.There are paintings in the wall. This painting stykes belonging to period of Kandy or belonging to period of previous.


                According to period of “Seethawaka” concept of celestial there “Saman” and “veshnu” god in both side of the Buddha image. Behind the idol there are  paintings about “Satharawaram Deviwaru”. There are another co-existent temple is in here. There a ”Piriniwan Manchakaya”. Flower seat was made by marble. There are tusk set  lay up here it is the biggest tusk set in asia. As well as there are a painting  the “Dewarakkitha Himi” was gave the “Madum Sagiya” book to  the king “Rajasingha”. There are two stairs hall built behind them.


               This “Kirialle Nadun Rajamaha Viharaya” is the one of the inconspicuous temple in Sri Lanka.



  • Eheliyagoda, Sri Lanka

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