The archaeological and historical heritage of Kappagoda Rajamaha Viharaya

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                        We can meet this ‘Kappagoda Rajamaha Viharaya’ in Colombo-Kandy road  near the Mawanalla bridge there is road in right side go 1 ½ mils in Aranayaka road, again turn right side and go 1 ½ mils it is in top of the mountain. This temple is situated in Kegalle district in Galbada Koralaya.

                      This temple is called ‘Bregma wardana Paya’ was the education center in period of Anuradhapuraya. In that period the education center named as ‘Mapaya’ and there are four ‘Mapaya’ in here. There are “Wattarama Malimahapaya”, “Deppetiya Rajagirimal Paya”, “Danakirigala Wadunnagal Paya” and “Kappagoda bregmawardana Paya”.  Search the historical detaila about this temple was the place was the one of the place which the monk ‘Maliyadewa Himi’ who was lived in here. But there are no any written evidences and the antiquities were belonging to period of Anuradhapura. There are stone door frame with flowery engraving, the two figures of gajasinha made by in single stone, lots of stone pillars and ‘Tam lipiya’ in this place. top of the stone pillars are engrave. According to idea of the archaeologist this ‘Tam lipiya’’ was belonging to 1st century.


                     The king VI ‘Parakkramabaho’ who was kingdom in Kurunagala built temple in here. But this place was destroyed this king VI ‘Parakkramabaho’. And also this temple was destroyed the aggression of the Portuguese and Dutch. Later this temple was reconstruction by ‘Moragammana Desawe’ who was in period of king II ‘Rajasingha’. The temple we in currently that ‘Desawe’ were built it.

  • Mawanella, Sri Lanka

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