The archaeological and historical heritage of Kahatavela Gedara Suwarna Prathibembharama Rajamaha Viharaya

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Kahatavela Gedara Suwarna Prathibembharama Rajamaha Viharaya

                       Among the temple is in north-west province this “Kahatavela Gedara  Suwarna Prathibembharama Rajamaha Viharaya“ is situated in Dewa Madi Harispaththuwa in Kahatavela Gedara village. This temple is situated in middle of the coconut plantation and when arrive this temple we should go Hettipola-Narammala road and go ¼ miles pass through Kirimatiyawa school.   

                     This temple was built the king II “Wemaladharmasuriya” in period of Kandy. According to Palmyra-umbrella this temple was establish in 1676.  The king who was gave a golden statue for this temple, so it was became “Suwarna Prathibembharama”. And also there is a ‘Tampita Viharaya’ belonging to period of Kandy. Around this temple there are boundty wall made by stone and clay. Use flaky tiles for the roof and apexes tiles with hens design. In inside of this temple there is a ’Hedi Pilimaya’ and the double side there are another Buddha image and ‘Natha’ and ‘Vishnu’ god idols are designed in here. The artistic creation belonging to period of Kandy there are lotus design, creeper design, flower pattern and ‘Narelatha’ painting are painted in here. They fix wooden locks to the flap. And also there is a stone beacon within lotus-shape stone board and stone pillar.


                    There is a wooden board with engraving as ‘Sakkhadham-Sakkhadham, Dathusakam’ in this temple. As well as there are engraving wooden pillars and beams similar to ‘Padeniya Viharaya’ like as ‘Ambakka’ fane. In front of this temple there is a drumming sage with wooden pillars it is going destroyed. Among the antiquities of this temple there is a golden bowl with softly finish within 3 feet diameter, a Palmyra-fan made by ‘Karuwala’ wood, a Palmyra-fan handle made by ‘Sadun’ wood, structure of the tusk made by ‘Paburu’ wood and lots of valuable old plum leaf books are in here. This temple has 18 villages. The maintenance of this temple there are many highlands. The people who study about old ‘Tampita Vihara’ this place are the best place for providing historical details.   

  • Kahatawala, Sri Lanka

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