The archaeological and historical heritage of Kagalla Historical Makura Viharaya

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                   This ‘Makura Viharaya’ is situated in Sabaragamuwa province in aside of field. This is a ‘Tampita Viharaya’. We can enter this temple when go 5 Km to  Kegalle-Bulathkohupitiya  main road  we can meet the Bandaranayake School, thence go one km  we can meet this temple.

                  Search about historical details about this temple this was belonging to period of king ‘Walagamba’. There are many legend around this temple.  a bodhi tree was bring the team of Brahmin from India they bring it to two mil near the “Makura Viharaya” so they can’t bring it safety to the real place because of the rain. Hence that bodhi tree was grow in that place. so the king tidings this he was built a temple in that place.

                 This temple was built in 1428 idea of village people. This ‘Tampita Viharaya’ was built by using wood towers on the large timber and put on the plank spread out in here. This temple is  10 feet long, 6 feet width and 7 feet high. There are colorful painting belonging to period of Kandy in inside and the outside of this temple.  there are two door frames. There four flaps inhere. Among the painting there is “Suvesivewaranaya”. Inside of the temple there are big Samadhi statue and two Samadhi statues in the double side of the temple. This trinity statue has same features. Without this there is a Samadhi statues made by stone. There is a dragon pandol inhere. This bodhi tree was the oldest bodhi tree in Kegalle. There is a large boundty wall around this temple. Near that there is a caion. The ‘Darma shalawa’ is the moribund in presently and it is old hundred years.


                  Among the historical temple is in here this ‘Makura Rajamaha Viharaya’ has beautiful paintings.

  • Bulathkohupitiya, Sri Lanka

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