The archaeological and historical heritage of Ilupandeniya Rajamaha Veharaya

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                      This Ilupandeniya Rajamaha Veharaya is located in Kandy district belonging to ‘Udo Nuwara’ province in ‘Godapala Kaburadeniya’ road. Afar ‘Hanthana’ moutain and residuary legatee mountain chain around fertile and luxuriant environment.but have less space. Even therein less space there are all elements occur in Buddhist shrine.


                      Offer water Load Buddha and the king is known as  ‘Ulu Pan’. This water bring from valley. so then it become ulupandeniya note by legend. Later it became Ilupandeniya. They believe since period of ‘Dewana Pathes Raju’ this Ilupandeniya Veharaya was in here and also in period of queen ‘Kalyanawathi’ in Polonnaruwa  (c: e 1202-1208)there are a buddhaimage house. Further period of Gampola III ‘Vejayabaho’ king who gave property for this temple note in chronicle. This temple reconstruction in this period.


                       In Ilupandeniya Rajamaha Veharaya there a age-old bodhi tree planting in here. This bodhi tree plant here person named ‘Polange Hemi’ in period of king ‘Vere Parakkamabaho’ (c: e 179-1739).in previously there kind of ‘Tampeta Veharaya’ build in here. Later it becomes temple we can see in present. When enter the temple we can see a dragon pandol, it is made lately.there Buddha shrine and Darma Shalawa in same building. An also today we can see stone pillar at first they made.


                        The special element of this Ilupandeniya  Veharaya is there are crow and dog statue and ‘Gajasinha’statue made by stone belonging to period of kandy.inside of the temple there a beautiful dragon pandol,with low space.there are two gods statues in two side of dragon pandol.


                       In temple there Buddha statue is ‘Hedi Pelimaya’.its robe’s wrinkles just like wave. The halo just like flame. when enter the Buddha shrine and Darma Shalawa there are two guardstone and  a kind of moonstone  without any style in  double sided of the entrance. aside  of Darma Shalawa there a firm seat made of timbered.



                       there are small in size caion in Ilupandeniya Rajamaha Veharaya. there are all elements occur in Buddhist shrine.

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