The archaeological and historical heritage of Horagolla National Park

Horagolla National Park

Horagolla National Park

Location Western Province, Sri Lanka Access Getting There: Colombo - Horagolla via Colombo - Kandy A 1 Road (40.6 Km, approx 45 minutes drive) Nearest Town: Nittambuwa Situated in the Gampaha district, 40 Km from Colombo, Horagolla National Park is one of the latest national parks in Sri Lanka. It is so called because of an abundance of Dipterocarpuszeylanicus (Hora) trees. The area was originally declared as a wildlife sanctuary in 1973 due to its rich biodiversity. Later in July 2004, Horagolla was elevated to national park status. Horagolla is the only urban park in the Western Province of Sri Lanka. The park is situated close to Horagolla Walauwa, the home of the Bandaranaike family. Horagolla National Park covers about 13.36 hectares

  • Nittambuwa, Sri Lanka

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