The archaeological and historical heritage of Historical Gatabaru Rajamaha Viharaya

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                This “Gatabaru Rajamaha Viharaya” is situated in Mathara district, Morawaka in Kotapola village it is on the top of the ‘Gatabaru’ mountain.  There are several roads to arrive this temple. From Rathnapura to Rakwana then come across Deniyaya and come from Abelipitiya to Urubokka town then come across the Kotapola.

                 Searching the historical details about this “Gatabaru Rajamaha Viharaya” this temple belonging to period of king “Walagamba”. But there are no any inscriptions or grant to give the historical details. But the grant name “Panakaduwa” and “Maha Wanshaya” note about this temple. As well as the crypt and the Buddha image is in here reveal historical details.

               The significant of this “Gatabaru Rajamaha Viharaya” is the crypt temple with cauldron is in rocky surface. There is 18 feet long ‘Sathapena Pilimaya’ in here. Without these statues there are idols of ‘Sariyuth Mugalan’ and the idol of arahant. The side of sacred foot there is a idol the god ‘Basnahera’ , the side of the idol head there are ‘Veshnu’ and ‘Katharagama’ idols is in here. On the roof there is group of lotus design draw in here. This lotus design and the idols are belonging to period of Anuradhapuraya. Effuxion of time this temple was bereaving. Before found this was in 1834 and it was renaissance again. 


             This temple organized glowing the celebration of ‘Asala’ and ‘Asala Perahara’ since 1956. It is the main celebration of this Morawaka area. We can identify this historical “Gatabaru Rajamaha Viharaya” is the place which the Buddhist devotees worship and it is the headquarters of Buddhist. 

  • Morawaka, Sri Lanka

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