The archaeological and historical heritage of Hettipola Swarnagiri Rajamaha Viharaya

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Hettipola Swarnagiri Rajamaha Viharaya

                          This “Suwarnagiri Rajamaha Viharaya” is situated in Kurunagala distitct Dewamadi Harispaththuw in Girithalana canton near the Hettipola town. We can arrive this temple in Wariyapola-Halawatha road near the police station in Hettipola town and go ¼ miles the road in right side.

                           There was an inscription with Brahma character belonging to 2nd or 3rd century so it was belonging to period of king II “Pathis”. But after-ward this temple was destroyed and palingenesis again in period of Kandy. This temple has 21 acre in highland and 7 acre in mud land. We can see many antiquities around this temple area. There are six stone pillars belonging to ruins of an old shrine. And also the large bricks, flaky tiles, potsherds and part of water pipes. The idea of Mr.Raja De Silva thess part of water pipes belonging to period of Polonnaruwa.  

                          There are two crypts with cauldron. One of that cauldron there is a inscription top of it. Top of that rock there is a bodhi tree in here. There is a symbol of sacred foot on that rock. As well as there is stone seat with 5 ½ feet long and 4 feet width. It may be a flower seat. There a few plum leaf books in this “Suwarnagiri Rajamaha Viharaya”. Among them there are two paritta books.


                         Before In 1950 a temple mansion, caion, Bell Tower and a monastery built in here.

  • Kurunegala, Sri Lanka

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