The archaeological and historical heritage of Hanthihawa sri Nageetharamaya Purana Viharaya

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                         This “Hanthihawa Sri Nageetharamaya Purana Viharaya” is situated in north-west province in Kurunagala district belonging to Karadhapaththu canton.

                        Judge the historical background of this temple it was belonging to period of Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa and Kandy and it reveal the historical news from here.  In period of king “Gajabha” in Anuradhapura who was organized a war unfavorable with chola and made the weaponry in this ‘Hanthihawa’. And also ‘Neel Maha Yodhaya’ was made ‘Yagadhawa’ note by legends.

                      But in present lie over is only Dawapita Viharaya (Tampita Viharaya) stone pillar ruins and bodhi tree. The wooden beam is note as 1877 year. When open the new shrine in 1970 year so the old building was allowed to ruins. There are frescos belonging to period of Kandy in this ‘Tampita Viharaya’. The Buddha image was made by clay and its head-dress and hands are made by wood. The temple mansion has two stairs; it is ‘Athulu Viharaya’ and ‘Pita Malaya’. The ‘Poya Seemawa’ is built with this temple. The flaky tiles are fixed in the roof of this temple. And also there is a large bricks belonging to Polonnaruwa near the bodhi tree.


                   This ‘Tampita Viharaya’ was built a monk ‘Nageethgathama’ who was in period of Kandy, so it become the “Nageetharamaya Viharaya”. in present this temple has new temple mansion ,’Dharma Shalawa’, monsatry, compound of bodhi tree and house of flower altar. 

  • Kurunegala, Sri Lanka

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