The archaeological and historical heritage of Deyakelinawala Rajamaha Viharaya

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                     This “Deyakelinawala Rajamaha Viharaya” is situated in Kandy district in Yatinuwara  province Dodamwala. We can come to this temple when come Kandy-Colombo road turn right to Kiribathkubura  junction and  go 4kms in Wathurakubura-Deheanga road  and come across Deyalagoda junction to Dodamwela road.As well as turn left side in clock tower junction in Pelimathalawa town and come Malgammana road then we can come to Dodamwala area. The historical  “Dodamwela Natha Dewalaya” is located near this.

                      This “Deyakelinawala Rajamaha Viharaya” also called “Kithsirimewan Rajamaha Viharaya”. There are legends for it. Videlicet  there are a steam under this rock  there are pond was in this beautiful village. On that time the king who govern in Sri Lanka, the seven princes was play in that pond. Unfortunately those seven princes were drown in that pond. The king  “Kithsirimewan” (c:e 301-328)was built this temple because of remember that ferocious memory. But  we have to investigate this temple was belonging to this king “Kithsirimewan”. But the antiques are scattered in here, they are belonging to period of Kandy and Gampola. This crypt temple was built using cauldron protected with wall of the stone crypt and roof  imbued with four chambers. This crypt was belonging to period of Kandy and king “Kerithi Sri Rajasingha” (c:e 1747-1782) was built this. The engravings of the door frame made by wood and paintings technologies are  belonging to period of Kandy.

                       When enter this “Deyakelinawala Rajamaha Viharaya” we can see the old hermitage. Upward of the terrace in Hermitage there are Bodhi tree and caion and also  there are constructions was in that rock. There are beautiful sacred foot was designed here. there are small holes near it and it may be a garbage hole and the small drainage system was in here. There are spout for drop the water come from the rock. This spout was the special thing of this temple compare with other temples.

                      Inside of this crypt there are four chambers. There a “Hidi Budha Pratimawa” and big “Sathapena Pilimaya”. This idol was made by clay. There are paintings in the wall and the shilling. The part of the statues there floor of a house made cow-dung clay. The wood door frame is corrode now and also there stone door frame with engraving.


                     This historical “Deyakelinawala Rajamaha Viharaya” is the important place for Buddhist people. This temple is co-existent with “Suriyagoda”,”Lankatilakaya” and ”Ambakka” temples. 

  • Kandy , Sri Lanka

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