The archaeological and historical heritage of Ambakka Sri Katharagama Fane

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Ambakka Sri Katharagama maha fane was starter on the accommodation of king third Wickramabahu and it is situated in Ambakka village at Kandy district.

‘’Kirala episite’’ which was written in Mahanuwara  era, this fane was recognized as ‘’Mahasen devol’’.

Chronicle of Ambakka fane construction is delicate. A drummer lived in Rangama village near to Ambakka and he had a consumptive itches. He surrendered for indexing his itches to Ambakka Kataragama fane.After curving he went to fane annually and played drum and did his job regularly. One day he was sleeping on the floor in sorrow because of he couldn’t come fane next year when he was old. In the night the god of Kataragama be created his presence and appealed him not to be sad. Go to village nearly day show marks from tree. I show charisma.Then play drum and show the respect. And vanished god. Under Kaduru tree the fane was started.

This fane was started connect with Kaduru tree.It was in queen of third Wickramabahu’s flower garden.King Gagasiripura third Wickramabahu had known about marvelous fane and came here with followers in palanquin.When to entered to palanquin it reclined to one side. And he couldn’t be go back. The king satisfied in charisma of here and he offered his valuable silver painted and carved with tusk palanquin to devol. It could be seen currently as spectacle good.

Laterally the king offered his two tusk of his mangala elephant.Lands of 95 anicuts and villages were offered to fane and disposed 67 duties. Today ancestry of drummer. Engaged duties of fane and it calls aranthana panikki muraya. Flower garden has been looked after ancestry of garden. They calls Kankanigedara people.

Eight main buildings are belonged to fane Rittageya and lion pavilion are outside the fane.Gateway,large fane Palle fane and kitchen, paddy bin Buddhist house were located in fane land.

Parts of Rittageya  could be seen today on the rock away from 800 meters to the road which is Ambakka fain to Bovalikada junction. There is a paddy field around it .This was built in monolith are consisted with two parts done octangonally. Drawings were carved in fourth sides of wood relief frames and they were fixed on stone tower.

Chop tiles were fixed on the roof relief. There were pictures of dragon, swan couple, Bernuda bird and rope not. But today ruins were remained. Gateway was near to entrance gate of fain land. The throne was located in measurable height land for away from 100 yards pointing fain and front gateway.

In procession God’s jewellaries were deposited on the throne and king watched the procession on it. When pass the gateway then can enter large fane with diggeya. large fane building is consisted with five parts.Front part of maha devalya named as Diggeya  or drumming hut. In this section four piers used to wide side and six piers are 32 including piers inside. Roof of house is connected with bean. Seven couple beams are used left and right sides. Twelve rafters are used to wide side and six rafters are used to wide side and six rafters are used to long side.41 rafters owned to drumming hut. These rafters fixed to edge of top beam as an umbrella. All rafters fixed to king post.

This king post is a marvelous creation limited for Ambakka. Any king post couldn’t be seen in world. Any hut is not used and made it only wood. Ambakka fane is the one and only place that Liyathabara flower can be seen. Total carvings and pictures of drumming hut are 514.

Palle fane was built left side to Maha Devalaya. It was built on order of king Rajadhi Rajasinghe.It is called as Devatha bandara Devalaya. Kitchen offer should do daily for maha devalaya and palle devalaya. There was a kitchen and two sections.


Paddy bins were to get rice for kitchen offer. Today they can be seen in front of devala land. This place is under supervision of Buddhist affairs department and archeological department. To do any difference or any affairs have to get permission at the department.  

  • Kandy , Sri Lanka

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