The archaeological and historical heritage of Dewanagala Rajamaha Veharaya

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Dewanagala Rajamaha Veharaya

                    The Dewanagala Rajamaha Veharaya is located in Sabaragamu province Dewanagala area. This temple is in huge bulgy charnockite rocky plain. Around this temple there are picturesque mountain. the same mountain group belonging to “Uthuwankanda”, ”Kadugannawa” mountain, “Ambala” mountain, ”Danagirigala”,   ”Kirigala” and “Bathalegala” mountain. In front of the Dewanagala  Veharaya there is a pond full of flowers, so it makes this place beautiful.

                     This temple was belonging to the past. According to folklore the god “Dadimunda” was lived in here. “Deviyan wada seti gala” is become “Delugala”. After it become “Dewanagala”. For the present there is a small fane “Dadimunda” is in top of the rock. The information about “Dewanagala Rajamaha Veharaya” afar to period of Polonnaruwa. Videlicet this temple was built in period of first king “Parakkramaboho”(Maha Parakkramaboho).There are a few inscription in rock. One of the inscription was related to the period of Polonnaruwa. The king “Parakkramaboho” who was gave this as a land-grant to the “Nagaragerikeththi” alias warrior named Kerthi Nagaraseri who attack Burumaya note that epistle. This Kerthi Nagaraseri warrior was the important character in period of king “Parakkramaboho”.

                      Extremity of this rock there are a small chamber (made in stone).That place was use king “Parakkramaboho” as a lodge. In today this small chamber use for buddha shrine.

                    In period of Kandy this Dewanagala Rajamaha Veharaya is important again. Note in history the first king “Wemaladarmasuriya” (c: e 1591-1604) was built dagoda, Bodhi tree and new shrine. The shrine in this place is form of “Tamteta Veharaya”. According to folklore there was a seat made by stone to lay up tooth relic. In this temple there beautiful wood carving.

                    Today we can see the Bodhi tree, the king “Wemaladarmasuriya” who planting in here. But there are no small Bodhi tree sprung originally in here. The dagoda is in this temple make specificity. Videlicet there are two relic chamber in square is in dagoda. But now this place grasp of thieves. Partially afar joss house there symbol of sacred foot and “Magul Lakuna”. According to Inscription of the rock in here this temple has “Hatapas Amunaka Edam”, urual area and lands. But in  present those lands not owned for the temple and the rock is the only thing now they have. Now this temple is belonging to generation of Katarangala Rajamaha Veharaya.

                 This Dewanagala Rajamaha Veharaya is the place which we can identification for use this  worship and see it .



  • Dewanagala, Sri Lanka

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