The archaeological and historical heritage of Dematamal Viharaya

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After the war between prince “Dutugamunu” and prince “Saddhatissa”, prince “Tissa” was scarper. He scarper and hide in this “Dematamal Viharaya”.

                         This “Dematamal Viharaya” is located in Okkampetiya village after come 4 mile in Buththala with beautiful background. There lots of details about this temple so there many historical evidence. According to “Pali Maha Wanshaya” this temple was named “Damittawala”.There are lots of  trees called “Demata” so it become  Dematamal. Otherwise king “Mahanaga” was elder brother of king “Dewana Pathis” who built a temple, so this “Dematamal Viharaya” was named “Detumal”.

                       According to “Pujawaliya” this “Dematamal Viharaya” was reconstruction in period of  king “Kawantissa”. The tope , joss house , bound and hall is included in architecture of this temple. Around in this place there protective rampart and outside of it monastery and hermitage for meditation. Right side of the temple there are a cairn and pond front of the temple. The department archaeological keeps evidence of these ruins for future generation. In front of the cairn there is ancient gateway. In front of the temple there are crow and fan is in stone plank. It shows the dog become a crow because of use properties unfairly.

                    According to “Darmapadipa”  “Maliyadeva Maha Rahathan Wahanse” who was preach “Suthra” in “Madum Satiye”  and make arahant 60 ascetics.

                   A side of the “Dematamal Viharaya” there is a big fields, it is end of the mountain  arahant who create and the other side there is mountain named “Awa Kapolla”. This “Awa Kapolla” is mean the prince “Tissa” who was scarper across here note in legend.


                    Around this evidence in past there lots of  priesthood focuses this temple for use meditation in here. The historical information about reveal in this “Dematamal Viharaya” is  the place people who pilgrimage Katharagama.

  • Okkampitiya, Sri Lanka

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