The archaeological and historical heritage of Chamaragala Rajamaha Viharaya

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                          This “Chamaragala Rajamaha Viharaya” also known as “Balallawa Viharaya” in past is situated in north-mid province in Kakirawa district. When arrive this temple we should go in Kakirawa road and go 200m to Balluwawa junction.

                          According to legends this temple name as “Chamaragala Rajamaha Viharaya” because of the king “Dutogamunu” elephant’s eyes are layup in here. This temple is located intermediate in ‘Vejjithapura Viharaya’ and ‘Aukana viharaya’. The historical things about this temple were related to king “Dutogamunu”. In period of ‘Elara’ and ‘Dutogamunu’ war, the king ‘Dutogamunu’ and ‘Viharamaha Devi’ was lived  in this temple, the king ‘Dutogamunu’ was hide his weaponry in here and also he was  train his soldiers in here. As well as the giants was in there built a crypt bring stone pillars. So also the king ‘Dutogamunu’ was came with his elephant and enters this crypt note by legends.

                         There is a large crypt make stone in 1 ½ acre in this “Chamara Viharaya”. There are four inscriptions in that crypt.

                       In present the incumbent of this temple is begging to design a large Buddha image with seal of ‘dhamma chakka’ in this rocky surface. We can identify this “Chamara Viharaya” is a valuable place the people who visit across ‘Vejithapura Viharaya’.



  • Kekirawa, Sri Lanka

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