The archaeological and historical heritage of Buduruwagala Sculptures

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Buduruwagala Sculptures

Buduruwagala  viharaya is situated through  Wellawaya town  and  Thanamalvila, passing 3 miles from Wallawaya, then turn to road on southside  can see the temple.


It is famous for the huge Buddha image and other Bosath pictures  on granite rock.Buduruwagala means the  stone in which the image of Lord Buddha was created.


This rock is 70 feet in width.Surplace is plane.It is located above  Buduruwagala tank.It like a elephant picture.The height is different here and there.On the top of the rock image had been created.It is 50 feet in height.It is consisted in Abahaya cachet  and a standing image .It was discovered in stone and was completed in lime plaster.This creation owns  to  ’’Chitrabasa’’  tradition. Other images were created two sides of main image.


Mahayanika images of Awalokitheswari, natha ,manju sri and thara sudana  are some of them.These creation are same to large images in Afganistan bamiyan mountain.


Buduruwagala these images are created in harmony of Mahayana and therawada.It was built in ce 8 – 9 centuries.According  to that these are created in king  Walagamba’s  time.Mahayana method affected to arts of this country .So that can decide Buduruwagala was a mahayanika  maha viharaya in ruhuna.




  • wellawaya, Sri Lanka

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