The archaeological and historical heritage of Aththaragama Pothgul Rajamaha Viharaya

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Aththaragama Pothgul Rajamaha Viharaya

                   The Kanda uda kingdom  spread in Kandy area belonging to period of contemporaneous lots of Buddhist temple was designed. Among those thing this “Aththaragama Pothgul Rajamaha Viharaya” is reveal this historical valuable information. These temples is situated in Kandy district Katogasthota divisional secretary in Aththaragama area and enter this temple you should go from Kandy to Katogasthota in Ranawana road.  In that route go by “Hunnana” stream  go by Gonogoda school and go forward we can meet this temple.


                     According to  history about this temple belonging to period of king “Walagamba”. But there are no any evidences unless the legends. the  king “Walagamba” who was found this villages when he was missing, so it become “Aththaragama” and later the  king “Walagamba” “Anthargrama” become “Aththaragama”. But there are no any written evidences. The king “Kirthi Sri Rajasingha” was gave handout for maintenance of this temple. That handout was pay in period of British note in Lorry’s note. And also this temple was gave the “Udamale Devi” who was the wife of the king “Kirth Sri Rajasingha”. The “Malabar” was lived in this area in the period of king “Rajaderajasingha”.


                   This temple is in large area, this temple has Buddha’s foot-print camber, two bodhi trees, fane, caion, shrine house, Temple and Darma Sahlawa full of these elements. The Buddha’s foot-print camber is in the top of the temple. There is a symbol of the sacred foot in here. The special thing is the moonstone is large of its size in”Aththaragama Rajamaha Viharaya” is different from other temple. The semicircular moonstone near the Buddha’s foot-print camber, in front of the “Vishnu” fane and the near of the bodhi tree in east side. There are Elephant and horse kind of animals and the lotus design engraving on this moonstone.


                  There are two shrine houses belonging to this temple. One of that is belonging to period of Kandy and the other temple is known as “Pothgul Viharaya”. The temple is in period of Kandy belonging to period of king “Kirthi Sri Rajasingha”. The paintings is in here belonging to period of Kandy. There big door frame made by stone. There are reclining image Inside of this temple. it made by champak wood and apply cement for protect from the termites. There are flower patterns in the roof and in the there is “Suvesivewaranaya“draw in here divided into part using red color for background.


                  The plum leaf book was layup this place, so it become “Pothgul Viharaya” and it look like square shape. The roof design by using flower patterns and “Sathsatiya” and paint “Suvesivewaranaya” in the wall.


                  The people who study about painting in period of Kandy and we can identify this “Aththaragama Rajamaha Viharaya” place which supply historical details.

  • Katugastota, Sri Lanka

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