The archaeological and historical heritage of Athkada Rajamaha Viharaya

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                In Sri Lanka Kurunagala town is the capital of the north-west, this temple is in the at one's feet of the “Athugala”. This temple was belonging to “Maya Rata”. Main road in Kurunagala –Kandy there are junction of four roads go to 150m there “Athkanda Viharaya”. 


                   There are “Elugala”, “Adagala” ,“ Kuruminiyagala” ,”Yaddessagala”, “Angangala” and “Ibbagala” mountain around this temple. There are big rock like as a “Athkandak” this is become “Athkada Viharaya”. This “Athkanda” rock was called “Hasthi Shailla” and “Hasthi Sela” in past.


                   According to details about this “Athkanda Viharaya” belonging previous period before Buddhism come in to Sri Lanka  there are human settlement. Note in legend and the idea of the scholars. This rock was use for “Surya Wandanawa” and also the aborigine people who lived focus at one's feet of the rock. after-ward the details about “Athkanda Viharaya” note in our chronicles. In “Maha Wanshaya” this temple was built the king”Suratissa ” (c:e 187-177) who was the brother the king II “Patis” and also According to “Maha Wanshaya”  the king I “Agbo” (c:e 571-604) was built a edifice for this temple. in future this is important  to period of Kurunagala.


                    This “Athkanda Viharaya” is a crypt temple. it is note in “Maha wanshaya” this was built king “Suratissa”. But it is  in  many time reconstruction.  In this temple there are two idol make of stone. it cover by mortar and the  robe design the  style of the Kandy. This idol make of stone belonging to period of Anuradapuraya. This crypt temple co-adjacent another small crypt temple. In these two temple with paintings on the roof and display the “Sathsatiya”. In small  crypt temple there are “Mahindagamanaya”, ”Pajapati Gathamige Katina Chiwara Pojawa” and “Pidusiga wadima to Rajagaha Nuwara” painted on the wall. in present this ruins of edifice with elevated stone, stone engraving board and stone towers who was built the king I “Agbo”.


                    In this a valuable antiquities is the “Jala Peranaya” made of stone (Dabarawa).This was made using special kind of stone. According to British person John Deva and Kodritan  this Kurunagala “Athkada Viharaya” famous for “Deurum”. Videlicet this “Jathaka Katha Potha” was use for gave the evidence in court in period of British government. There are a king's orders for related to this temple. Videlicet this “Jathaka Katha Potha” put on the elephant and goes around the village. This king's orders stared  king “Panditha Parakkramabaho” (c:e 1302-1326).


                 This bodhi tree is in “Athkada Viharaya” belonging to period of Anuradhapuraya. Without that shrine  and the “Darmashalawa” was old 100 years. In “Athkada Viharaya” there are a “Gale Bandara” fane is famous. This fane residing in the king II “Buwanekabaho” wife who was the Muslim lady’s son “Wath himi Bandara”. There “Dewabarana” lay up here belonging to “Gale bandara” god. And also there is an idol 2 feet tall made by “Rathhadun” wood.




  • Kurunegala, Sri Lanka

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