The archaeological and historical heritage of Ambulugala sri Danthapaya viharaya

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                The king VI “Parakkramabaho” in “Kotte“  kingdom  this area was successful and royal patronage in the manner of  we can identify this “Ambulugala”(c:e 1410-1467).


                We can meet this temple in Colombo-Kandy road turn “Uthuwan kanda” junction go 1km Ussapitiya road and go right side road 3km. “Danthapaya” temple was situated area also known as “Ambulugala Nuwara”. This area was historically important area. The place where the old “palace” it become “Maligathanna” ,  The place where the royal treasury it was become “Gabada thanna”, The place where the cow it was become “Kiripola” and The place where the practice fence it was become “Angampitiya” note in legend.


                  According to details about “Sri Danthapaya viharaya” built in period of Kotte. This temple was archaeologically plumb less place.  This temple was designed in 8 feet 21 stone towers  over spread out wooden board the built the walls. This stone tower are engraving with lion figure and  bhairavas and paintings. There are specialties of these paintings. Videlicet use less painting for art. The background of this painting is white and draw it black line. Among thes paintings there are “Suvisevewaranaya” and painting of the king VI “Parakum”. In the joss house there are  Buddha image (Hidi Pilimaya) and idol of “Dagasau”.


                    We can see the best technique about the design of stone skill of the technician. Videlicet the stone door frame tall 8 feet. This place was attention of the archaeologist because today the creation lie over exiguous belonging to period of Kotte. This door frame was in down stairs. There are details about the technician who was built this. In “Pathigoda Karale” who was lived in Wekola Deniye named “Nalla perumal Panditha” technician was design that door frame. As “Puda Paduru” for this design the king gave “Wekoladeniya” area and the royal grant include detail about this.



                   In past this “Danthapaya” area as a fertile but now it being destroyed and The paintings are change color and the cement are chip. This temple is attention for the people who responsible this places. 

  • Kotte, Sri Lanka

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