The archaeological and historical heritage of Swaminarayan Museum

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Swaminarayan Museum

Nearest Town : Naranpura, Ahmedabad

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Established in: 8 March 2011

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History of Museums : During his lifetime, when Swaminarayan went around village to village, on request from his followers he gave his belongings as 'prasadi' to his followers. This 'prasadi' is passed from generation to generation, and is still owned by hundreds of families. Swaminarayan temples also have their own collections, but items are usually not kept in an organized manner. The people who pass through them have no historical information about these items. Acharya Shree TejendraPrasadji Maharaj has endeavoured to establish this museum of Swaminarayan's belongings. He had some personal collections of Swaminarayan, and dreamed of gathering the 'prasadi' from the devotees. He intended to put all this collection, which gave a glimpse of Swaminarayan's life, in the museum. To fulfill this dream he passed on leadership of the Narnarayan Dev Gadi to his son, Acharya Shree Koshalendraprasadji Maharaj in order to give full attention to this project.He agreed to celebrate His 60th Birthday only on one condition, that all the donation and proceedings given by the devotees will be passed on towards the realization of this museum.This was the founding stone of the museum

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Display Objects : Swaminarayan's writing scripts, everyday garments, ornaments, footprints, fragments of his hair, nails and many other items

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  • Ahmedabad, India

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