The archaeological and historical heritage of Wakirigala Rajamaha Viharaya

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                    In Kegalle district there are lots of temple is in here. The history of those temples belonging to from period of Anuradhapura to Kandy.  Among these temples this “Wakirigala Viharaya” has lots of factors it was the historical place in past. This temple is situated in Colombo-Kandy road it’s belonging to Seethawaka area and in Galbada Koralaya in Egodapatha.

                  In ‘Pali Maha Wanshaya’ this is called “Wathagiri” and this was built the controller in period of Polonnaruwa.the king I “Weejayabaho” use this place for safety place. and also note in “Maha Wanshaya” the king “Boosath weejayabaho” son of the king “Dabadeniya Parakubba” who was layup his father’s riches in this mountain.  The author “Budha Puthra Himi” was lived in here who was written the “Pujawaliya” is magnificent book is in Sinhala literature. In this ”Wakirigala Viharaya” has crypt with cauldron 18 feet long from south and 10 feet width and that  “Budha Puthra Himi” was lived in this crypt. According to Mr.Bell ‘Kagalu report’ this place also knows as “Mayurapadha”.

                This “Wakirigala Viharaya” is a ‘Tampita viharaya’.it is 12 feet long and 10 feet width. The flaky tiles used for roof. There is a Buddha image 3 feet high under the dragon pandol. The four walls in this temple is full of paintings. And also there is a big caion built the king I ”Weejayaba”. The long aside of this caion is 50 feet. This caion was  built on the stone foundation. Near the temple there is rock with symbol of sacred foot and flower seat. Top of this rocky surface there is a palace the king “Weejayaba” there building ruins and stone pillars. And also there is a pound never dry.


               The human settlement belongs to period of Polonnaruwa this “Wakirigala Viharaya” is supply the valuable historical detail from here.

  • Kegalle, Sri Lanka

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