The archaeological and historical heritage of Sri Wekkrama Raja Viharaya alias Mudugamuwa Viharaya

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                 This temple named “Mudugamuwa ”  because of their water rounding  here .so it look like a sea, in past there exchange the ring  in here. So it has this named note in popular usage and this “Sri Wekkrma Raja Viharaya” is the historical place. As well as this land and the area related to another kings in those period.


                  We can meet this temple in Kegalle districts Kegalle-Avissawella road pass through 1km in Aguruwalla. This “Mudugamuwa Viharaya” also known as “Sri Wekkrma Raja Viharaya” because of the history. Videlicet kingdom of “Udarata” king “Sri Wekkramarajasingha” (c:e 1798-1815)kept his weapon in here note in legend. We can prove it there  big chunky iron slag scattered in here. And also the king “Sri Wekkramarajasingha” who was come here always,so this temple is also named  “Sri Wekkramarajasingha”.


                 The caion is in here is small and cute. But the incumbent “Heguralakande Pangaloka himi” said this caion was never reconstruction. Because the every time they try to reconstruction this it was stop power forces of uncanny and also the bodhi tree has predominat miracle. In period of British they try to cut it off because develop the road. But  the village people fight each other and drive away them.


                 This “Mudugamuwa Viharaya” has lots of historical details related with stories. The king “Sethawaka Rajasingha” (c: e 1581-1593) “Pethangoda” garden was near this temple. The king was ill because of  clinical thermometer so they have to bring black color coast in the river for become the king healthy.In that place was become “Aguruwalla”. As well as bring gold /></a> color coast it become “Ruwanwalla”. Today also we can mortar and the pestle use treatment for the king. In past this mortar sacrifice people note in legend. The place which the mortar and the pestle was a waterfall named “Wangedimol Alla”.</p>
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                 This “Mudugamuwa Rajamaha Viharaya” is the historical place according to folklore around it.

  • Kegalle, Sri Lanka

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