The archaeological and historical heritage of Questacon

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Questacon is an interactive science centre that opened in September 1980. It was developed by Professor Mike Gore, a physics lecturer from the Australian National University. Professor Gore went on to become the founding Director of Questacon.

Questacon's current building was Japan's gift to Australia for the 1988 Bicentenary and it was opened on 23 November 1988. Japanese government and business contributed ¥1 billion, half of the capital cost of A$19.64 million.[1] Questacon was formerly housed at the old Ainslie Primary School.

As of 3 December 2007,[2] Questacon is a part of the Australian Government Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research (DIISR). The director is Professor Graham Durant. Questacon's vision is "a better future for all Australians through engagement with science and innovation".[3]

On Thursday 18 September 2008 a review of Questacon was released.[4] The review was commissioned by Minister Kim Carr and chaired by John Simpson of National Australia Bank. Among other recommendations, the review calls for Questacon to be established as a statutory authority.

  • Canberra, Australia

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