The archaeological and historical heritage of Australian Army Police Museum

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The year 1901 would be a landmark year in Australian history. Australian states, as a series of colonies of Britain were federated into one unified country to be known as the Commonwealth of Australia. As a result of Federation, the Australian Army was born in 1901. As the new Australian Army contained a small regular force designated the Permanent Military Force or PMF and the remainder of the Australian Army at that time being predominately a militia or part-time force, it was not felt necessary or justified that a Military Police force or Corps, be created to police the new Australian Army.

In 1909, Field Marshal Viscount Kitchener of Great Britain was invited to Australia to inspect the Australian Army and advise on its future structure and training. As a result of that visit, Kitchener recommended the introduction of compulsory military training 1910 and in 1911 the scheme commenced. The scheme was to train young Australian’s as soldiers (cadets) titled as junior and senior cadets from ages 12 to 18 years and, thereafter, in the Citizen Forces (part time) to age 25. To support the scheme a whole range of administrative and legal support would be required including the raising of a Provost Staff to police the UTS. Military Order 719 dated 1912 and Statutory Rule No. 254 dated 24 December 1912 approved the creation of a Provost Staff which was to commence its duties as of 01 January 1913 and to be established as a portion of the Administrative Staff of the Commonwealth Military Forces.   The order stated:

  • Holsworthy, Australia

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