The archaeological and historical heritage of Wagegoda Viharaya

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                   Among the temple is in south province in Geruwapaththuwe this “Wagegoda Viharaya” is the historical valuable place. This area was full of ferocious animal and around the forest.  Therefore this area  “weyaggra goda” is become “Wagegoda” and this temple also identify about this name note by legend.

                  This temple identify as “Hankomulla Viharaya” in land title-deed of this temple has. In period of Kandy this temple is identify as “Rankohumulla”. The temple was in south province are destroyed because of the Tamil attack in ‘Rajarata’. According to old note there was a gold /></a> turret drop on the well caion. According substantial factor in this temple belonging to existing from middle stage of Anuradhapura to period of Polonnaruwa. There are moonstones, guard stone and stone seat belonging to initial period of Anuradhapuraya in here. The special element of this temple is engraving of lord Buddha with “Weerasana” is belonging to period of Anuradhapura in style of ‘Mahayana’. This engraving is gilding. The head-dress of this engraving is shape of diamond. According to scholar idea this is belonging to style of “Pala” in Mahayana.</p>
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<p class=                  In period of Kandy king “Kerthi Sri Rajasingha” was palingenesis for this temple. He was built a “Tampita Viharaya” in here. Among the temple is in south province this “Wagegoda Viharaya” was the famous from period of Anuradhapura and it is successful. temple. 

  • Wagegoda, Sri Lanka

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