The archaeological and historical heritage of Victoria dam

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Victoria dam

General Information
Dam Location :
Power Generators Location :
Established in: Feasibility Studies carried out in 1979. Mul Gal Thebima was doen by Sri Lanka president J.R. Jayawardena on 1980 March 23. The construction was completed on 1984 April. This was open by England Agamethi Margret Thevari and Sri Lanka president J.R. Jayawardena 1985 April
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Technical Information
Type of the Dam: Concrete Dhithva Arukku
Height of the Dam: 122m
Top Length of the Dam: 520m
Top Density of the Dam: 25m
Amount of Concrete used for the Dam: 480,000 m3
Van Dhoratu: There are 8 automatic Van Doratu. Each Van Doratu has height of 8m and width as 12.5 m
Total output volume form Van Dhoratu: 7900 m3/S
Sorov Dhoratu: There are two Sorov Doratu. Each Doratu with height of 4 m and width of 3m
Total output volume form Sorov Dhoratu: 760 m3/S

Reserviour Information
Reservoire Total Area: 1891 km2
Benefiting Areas: Nuwara Eliya , Kandy , Matale
Main Rivers: Mahaweli River , Hulu River
Highest Flood Level (From sea level) : 441.2m - high flood level
Highest Water Level (From sea level): 438 m - Full Supply Level
Total water volume at highest water level: 722 MCM
Lowest water level: 370m from sea level msl
Total capacity at highest water level:688 MCM
At the highest water level total area: 23.7 km2

Tonel Details:
Tonel Length: 5.8km
Tonel Diameter: 6.2m
Power House Details:
Power House capacity: 210 MW
Number of Turbines: 03
Type of Turbine: Francis

Other Details The project was funded by England. The main contractor is Belfa Beeta Nataal company in England
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