The archaeological and historical heritage of Thalawa Rajamaha Viharaya - Marassa

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                   This “Thalawa Rajamaha Viharaya” is situated in Appallagoda near the temple of tooth in Kandy  towards south-east  Ampeteya, in Haguranketha there are Marassana village when  pass through Thathuoya road. There a old doss house is in Appallagoda junction. In past this area named as “Thalawa”. This temple is situated in a small Ben in middle of the fields.

                  The west side of this temple there are “Bolgoda” mountain, in the east side of here there “Katugoda” mountain,in the north side there are “Baulatha” mountain and the west side there are “Gansaraharagama” mountains are around this temple and it  make this place elegant.

                   This temple was one of the collections of temple belonging to king “Kirth Sri Rajaingha“ (c:e 1747-1780). This temple was built advice of the king “Kirth Sri Rajaingha” the main seigneur was in “Galagoda desawa” in Uwa side. Today the people is in here also remember this “Galagoda Desawa”. The king gave 65 lands for maintenance of this temple. Around this temple there are tree temple named “sagama”,”Pasgama” and “Araththana”.

                  There are paintings styles belonging to period of Kandy consisting of this “Thlawa” temple. There are paintings draw in inside and the outside of the temple. in commonly this paintings is in “Thalawa Rajamaha Viharaya” belonging to period of Kandy. There are “Jathaka katha”,”Solosmasthana”, 10 painting about ”Bosathwaru”,”Dewa rupa” draw in here. Belonging to “Jathaka katha”  ”Temiya jathakaya” and “Wessanthara jathakaya” is drawing in here. Besides that the entrance of the temple there are human and god paintings on the wall in pitch.

                  As well as outside wall of the temple there are foreign soldier picture is draw in here. The first compound there is temple with stairs made by stone. This temple was built using stone arranged with clay and mortar. Even  this temple is small there are beautiful paintings. The wall is in outward with white color lime wash  in past, in presently  archaeologist was pose the paintings they can get the idea about there are paintings in here. This paintings is in here draw the tradition of Kandy, it is draw in column and square with divided into parts. The parting is in the painting using “Gal binduwa” and design of cloud.

                The entrance of this temple there are a old gateway. But it is destroyed  now there are only stone tower. The special things is in historical “Thalawa Rajamaha Viharaya” there a stone board in front of the “Hevesi Mandapaya”. In this board upper corner there are symbol of sun and moon. Bellow that there are crow and Dog. The mean of this symbol is the persons who use property unfairly they born as  the crow and dog till there is sun and moon.  

                    As well as portal of this temple there are another symbols in the tree foot. According to legend the period of king “Kirth Sri Rajaingha” the attack of the Dutch, the king  lose ground so the Dutch was rest here and scared the village people and steal their cows and kill them on the  door frame. Still there are marks of the brunt. 


                This “Thalawa Rajamaha Viharaya” is the place of elegant paintings in period of Kandy for study and good for watching it.

  • Appallagoda, Sri Lanka

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