The archaeological and historical heritage of Ratnapura Saman Devale Perahera

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Ratnapura Saman Devale Perahera

Perahera Location : Ratnapura 

Perahera type : Maha Saman Devale Perahera 

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History of Perahera  :As darkness slowly engulfs the area, thousands of colourful bulbs begin to flash everywhere in the Devale premises from treetops to rooftops of buildings which transformed the area into a carnival atmosphere. For five days in the second week of the rainy season in September, the premises of the sacred Devale of God Saman in Ratnapura, is magically transformed by the ancient pageantry of the spectacular Saman Devale Perahera. This year’s procession will be held from September 16 to 20. 

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  • Ratnapura, Sri Lanka

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