The archaeological and historical heritage of Ratnapura National Museum

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Nearest Land Mark :  “Ehelepola Walauva”

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Established in:13th May 1988

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Entrance Fees (Local):  adult/child Rs 300/150

Entrance Fees (Foreign):

Open on: 13th May 1988

Visiting Hours :9am-4.30pm Tue-Sat 

Display Objects :prehistoric archaeological inventions, natural heritage, geological, anthropological, zoological artifacts and models related to the Sabaragamuva Province. 

Description :The national museum, Ratnapura, is housed in the famous Ehelapola Walauwa, on the Colombo Road in Ratnapura.

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Contact Address:National Museum, Colombo Rd., Ratnapura.

Telephone :0452222451

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