The archaeological and historical heritage of Namalanga Rajamaha Viharaya

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                   This temple is situated in Wayaba province  Kurunagala district   Kurunagala-Dabulla road in Abanpola village. This “Namal Anga Rajamaha Viharaya” is in crag. There are “Na gas” grow naturally in here, so this was become the “Namal Anga” note in legend.


                 This temple was belonging to period of king “Dutogamunu” (c: a 161-137). The king take in procession a Buddha image with a “Perahara” from Anuradhapura to “Redi Viharaya” Near the “Namal Anga Viharaya”. In that time they take a rest in this “Namal  Anga” rocky plain. So they built a small caion for remember this place.


                  Today we can see the 40 feet tall Buddha image is built in here the place which caion was built in past. But there are ruins scattered in this area the king who built this caion. They found dwarf figure and pillar cap in stone tower and also they found handmade tiles in here. As well as remove the soil of the “vihara” they can found a moonstone without any design and a stair and also there is a sacred foot with three stone seat for offering of flowers. This is lay up in front of the modern temple.


                This place was become wild in the running time. It  become a jungle. It dispay again  in period of Kandy. In period of king ”Kirthi Sri Rajasingha” (c:e 1747-1782) who was clean this place. There are two “Hiti Pilimaya” and “Hidi Pilimaya” belonging to this period. But there are only painted  “Hiti Pilimaya” made by wood fill in cement. There are a news about this historical “Namal Anga Viharaya”. Videlicet  there are a Palmyra-umbrella  with royal patronage. Ordination was bring from Siam to Sri Lanka  in this period they gave written “Pohoya” limit. This details was note in that Palmyra-umbrella is lay up in this temple. In period of king ”Kirthi Sri Rajasingha” the “Megasthanna Adekaram” was reconstruction the temple is in here in order of the king.



                   In 1865 this “Namal Anga Viharaya” was re-arranged the “Gokaralle Rathanajothi Himi” and after this temple was hand-over to monk who lived in here by “Malwathu Nahimi”.

  • Ambanpola, Sri Lanka

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