The archaeological and historical heritage of Muslim Cultural Museum

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Muslim Cultural Museum

Nearest Land Mark : Meenodaikattu, Addalaichenai on the Kalmunai-Akkaraipattu Road in Amparai district
Museum type : Cultural Museum
Established in: June 2001
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Managed By : South Eastern University of Sri Lanka
Aim : To preserving the heritage of the Sri Lankan Muslims
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Display Objects : Artefacts connected with the culture and lifestyle of the local Muslims , Ola leaf manuscripts, domestic utensils, dress and jewellery and other items connected with the social and economic life of the Muslims of the past, palmyra leaf books, mainly medical and magical works in use in the 18th or 19th century, Vaittiya Kaiyadu or Medical Handbook of Sinnat Tambi Parisari, evidently a native Muslim physician and a Vaittiya Asma Maranda Kaiyadu of Muhamad Tambi son of Sikkandar Vattani of Akkaraipattu containing magical incantations to cure various ailments.
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