The archaeological and historical heritage of Mulgirigala Raja Maha Viharaya

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King Kavanthissa had built 64 temples and one of them is Mulgirigala raja maha viharaya . It is one of historical  holy place  in Srilanka . This temple is on large rock.  It  was a  largest rock in giriva colony and also  Ruhuna. Therefore surrounding regions are called as Mulkirigala or Mulgirigala. In king Kavanthissa time period it called as ‘’Muhudugiri’’ It was built by king Kavanthissa. Inscription of king  Parakramabahu time period it called as ‘’Muhundragiri’’  .

In 17th  century Europeans named this as ‘’ Adamsberge’’ . but there is no one connection with Adamspeak (samanala rock ).They are different in size and situation currently this temple called as Mulgirigala.

There is a controversy about  historical  detail of this temple. Some one says that it was built at Devanampiyathissa  kings period. Another one says this was built at the time period of king walagamba.



This temple is situated in north side 11  miles far away from Thangalla town .This rock consists various size mountains and lands Its height is about 676 feet. Any vehicles can reach near to rock and it is astonished devotees attraction. It is placed  like one rock. But there is a road in one side to climb top of the rock .This road consists with bogs and large trees are here and there .So that  road  is easy and give shade. To pilgrims. This temple had seen late Briton governor Mateland, Baron ven in hope  and other respectable foreigners.


Historical News

In the time period of king Devanampiyathissa planted a bo tree and started to develop that place. His brother king Mahanaga had made a temple called ‘’suvisi Buddha viharaya’’ currently. This  temple was ruined completely .According to Pujavalee Muhudu maha viharaya made by king Kavanthissa and Mulkirigala maha viharaya are equal. king Kavanthissa did 27 feet pure gold image in a large cave under the rock .King lighted unqunch lamp of brassica juncea oil for 5000 years  on the determination of Arahath theros. Then he defeated tamil  and united the country. His son king Dutugamunu made 27 feet image in red sadun timber and its eyes were worn in two gems. After then king Maha Parakramabahu made library in cave. This cave temple had been closed before 400 years ago due to king’s command to protect from enemies. King Saddhathissa had built a relic cairn top of the rock and planted a bodhi, ancestry of sri maha bodhiya.  Then made a cave temple and monastery for monks. He improved the temple highly .After in ce 267  king Gotabaya’s son Detuthissa made a new cairn, implanted bo tree and did cave temple.


Current Situation


Currently eight cave temples, three topes eleven cauldron caves three inscriptions up and down monastery and pohoyageya, made by king Keerthi Sri Rajasinghe and rest house are left there. another old nine stone piers and stone boat, stone board for offering flowers are located north to viharaya. More lands belonged to temple were left today. The land where antiques are kept belonged to villagers.

  • Tangalle, Sri Lanka

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