The archaeological and historical heritage of Meemana Gal kanda Viharaya

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                   This “Meemana Gal Kanda Viharaya” was  built in period of king “Walagamba” according to legends  and the tableaux styles and the features of statue belonging to period of Kandy. This is a crypt temple. The special thing is this crypt temple was on the crypt with cauldron.

                   This temple is located in Mathara “Kanda Bada Paththuwa” in Mulatiyana province. When come Mathara Deiyandaya road and go from Neralampitiya junction to Katapalakanda  village and pass through 6kms then  we can see this temple is in the charmful mountain chain. In this mountain chain has three boulder with related each other. In middle of that boulder there are this crypt temple. Inside of the crypt there are “Sathapena Pilimaya”, ”Wadasitina Pilimaya” and “Sariyuth Mugalan” idol is in here. As well as in front of the temple there are symbols of lotus and conch shell in the boulder.  The idea of the incumbent is this symbols are mean there are a temple and the fane was gave to the priesthood. But in many times the thieves was broken idol is in this temple because of misunderstanding that symbol, they think they’re big treasure in is here.

                      Additionally this crypt temple there is a fane belonging to god “Rajjuru Bandera” near the rock.The village people is worship this god reverentially. They think they’re great charisma. The crypt wall and the shilling were full of lotus paintings. This place was wild in after the period of king “Walagamba” and  bring to life again in “Katagoda Rathanajothi Himi” who was the “Sanganayaka” was in c:e 1775 year.

                   Acharya “Kaburupitiye Wanarathana Himi” was come this temple in 1949 year. In that time the walls and lebensraum was full of red and black color paintings. Among these painting there are “Damsoda Jathakaya” and a lion take a sword in his hand on the wall and in the roof there are lotus and creeper design in   incarnadine.


                Among the village people they trust god “Rajjuru Bandera” and they organized “pojawa” in seven days with the big “Perahara” in whole year. This  “Meemana Gal Kanda Viharaya” is the best historical place for the people who study about temple.

  • Matara, Sri Lanka

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