The archaeological and historical heritage of Malwanegedara Sri Pushparama Purana Viharaya

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                                This “Sri Pushparama Purana Viharaya” is belonging to ‘Shamophali Maha Nikaya’ in party of the ‘Maliwathu Viharaya’ and this is situated in Katogampola canton in north Yatikaha Munamaldeniya. When enter this temple go one mile from Munamaldeniya to Katopatha road then turn the gravel road and go 1.2 km.

                              This temple was belonging to initial period of Kandy. There is a record about the monk “Galle Dhammadenna Himi” was gave this temple note in old plum leaf book in here. this book is older than two centuries. There was a ‘Dawapita Viharaya’ also called ‘Tampita Viharaya’ in here. But today there are only stone pillars. And also there is a Samadhi statue on the 9 inch high wooden seat.

                            There are more ancient things lie over in this” Pushparama Viharaya”. Among them there is a 3X4 size cabinet in the ancient plum leaf book. So also there are wooden pillars in the old “Bhana Maduwa”. One of the pillars engraves the prince ‘Seduhath’ who was get over the ‘Anoma’ stream and cut hair to become in religion. We can’t see the old “Bhana Maduwa” today, but we can see wooden pillars today.




  • Munamaldeniya, Sri Lanka

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