The archaeological and historical heritage of Liheniyagala Len Veharaya

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                From Walapane town pass by historical  ‘Kerthi  Bandara Dewalaya’ then turn 3 mile along ‘Mahavali Raja Mawatha’ come towards Kandy we can see graceful valley. across ‘Belihol’ stream  nearby bridge and come to right beyond the Ben  therein Liheniyagala len veharaya  stand.

                In one side of this stream there are ‘lamasuriya’ sfretch of fields supply boiled rice to ‘Uda Hewahata’ district, in other side there are ‘Deyaharuma’ fields. From second centenary there are human settlements in that same valley note by legends.

               There are no any factors who design or in what period in this crypt temple. But In period of King ‘DutoGamunu’ (c: a 161-137) there are existence a shrine, note by legends And one of the giant of this king name ’Therapuththabaya’ was a first person who professed in religion in this temple. This ’Therapuththabaya’ giant who introduce in professed in religion named ‘Abaya Samanera’.


                This crypt is a huge cavern. In past this is called “Niyadawanaya”.in past there are many variety bushes named ‘liniya’. In this reason this crypt named ‘Liheniyagala’. In here there are word written by Brahma letters belonging to second centenary. view point in scholar, this letters note ‘Wanapadasane’. Meaning of this is impressive view. This letters written bottom of boiler.Liniyagala crypt is 150 feet long and 12 feet broadness.coner of this crypt there are small shrine. Inside of the wall there are many elegant paintings. as well as there are beautiful timbered door fix in here. There are different kind of engraving occur in here. This painting style is affinity to the period of Kandy. Although this paintings are being destroyed. Paintings are chip. Land low of this crypt temple there are small monastery. In today this great historical and ancient ageing area is unprotected. 

  • Kandy , Sri Lanka

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