The archaeological and historical heritage of Jethawanaramaya

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King Mahasena built Jethawanaramaya  an in inscriptions it was name as Denanakaya  or Dena vehera. In first time commons of Anuradhapura caressed Buddhism  after  discoursing  dharma  in nandana  garden by mihindhu  thero.

Then Buddhism has been spread expressly in Sri lanka. Buddhism  was pervaded  in nandana garden at first. So that nandana  garden called as jothivana  and later  it became jethavana. It’s meaning is ‘’garden expanding enlightenment ’’.

Jethawanaramaya region is expanded  to Malvathu oya east to Thuparamaya . Ruins of image houses, piriven, mansion groups were consisted in it. In Britain government  Anuradhapura  town was built near to jethawanaramaya. Therefore many industries, new buildings, roads,  culverts  were used in there .it was caused to destroy the garden. Now remains only foundations of old buildings. Its region is nearly 200 acres.


                                   Jethawana  Tope

There were six main topes in Anuradhapura. They were  Thuparamaya, Mirisawatiya, Tissa maha tope, Swarnamalee  cairn, Abhayagiriya and Manisomarama  tope. These  all topes were built by present kings to memorize certain religious incident connected with those places .

This tope built in Nandana garden and what was the aim to build here .were  debatable. Its old name was unknown. King Mahasen built Jethawanaya tope and offered to monks of Sagaliya denomination.

King Mithrasena made a pandol  across the elephant bulwark. King Dhathusena fixed gold wax branchia  for it and wear a crystal ring compressed large gem and beautiful carvings .King  Mahanaga built elephant bulwark and reconstructed the ring of branchia and  carved works .King  first  Agbo  established gold flag compressed  gem on tope. King second Moggollana reconstructed tope at the last in 10th  century  tope with monastery was attacked by chola defeats .When prince parakramabahu appointed as a king , tope had been destroyed . King parakramabahu  reconstructed  it to 210 feet  high .But former height was 400  feet. So that in third century it was the third  in height among buildings in world .It was  third to two pyramid  cemeteries in Egypt. Currently this building mad in bricks may be the first in height.

The scale of base  in tope is 1147 feet. Tope compound is 7 acres and  lengh of  tope compound is 576 feet. There are   steps in four sides to enter tope compound.


Devotees alms letters were noticed on the stone boards of salapathala compound was a work of 8th  century. Excavation  done for examining  foundation of northlands east  sides tope had  built  under 26 feet square brick compound from compound level. Square  brick foundation had made on the sand stone rock. There was stage from sand stone compound to brick compound. 

  • Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka

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