The archaeological and historical heritage of Historical Yudaganawa

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Yudaganawa  cairn is situated in Monaragala distric at Uva province.It has a great place in ancient religious place and  It is an architectural donation of us.

On the main road Monaragala to Wallawaya ,It is located near two kilometers  to Wallawaya.This tope is one of large topes in Srilanka and it is the largest one in Uva  province.It is limited Manik river in east Puhulgala mountain range in north Yudaganawa  lake and paddy fields and Buththala town in south.

According to ancients facts,There was a war among two brothers.Prince Dutugamunu and Saddhathissa.It was happened on the Choolanganee ground where the place in Buththala. After war Dutugamunu disappointed about that and he had built a huge tope  to memorize the incident.It was the Yudaganawa tope,historical news had said after ending battle king Dutugamunu  disappointed about that.He built Yudaganawa tope for deletion.The demerit of war among brothers  and to memorize that battle.

King Kavanthissa was dead, when he was 64 years old.Prince Saddhathissa came to Thissamaharamaya after knowing  fathers death.In that time he lived in Deegavapiya region.Prince Dutugamunu lived in Kothmale.The owner of the kingdomwas to be a Dutugamunu.But Saddhathissa came first Magama.He arranged all duties of father’s death and made cemetery.After that he went to his region,Digamadulla with kadol elephant and his mother Viharamaha devi.Because of fear to his brother.

All people in country respect and love Viharamaha devi.So Thissa decided to catch mother for goining attention of countrians.

After king Kavanthissa, Dutugamunu ruled Ruhuna and Tissa ruled Digamadulla. King Dutugamunu asked for mother and Kadolathu.But he couldn’t get them.It was completed to battle,But king Dutugamunu didn’t like to fight.Because it caused to destroy people. He tried to compel his brother his brother to get peace and harmony.But Thissa gathered people and had got ready to fight.


   After that they came to Choolanganee ground and faced to battle.King Dutugamunu had to face avoidable circumstance.Because he had face a huge gang enimics.So he defeated and went back to Ruhuna.Thissa compelled Gamunu.Avoidable ghost stopped Thissa and he came back to Digamadulla.

They had fighted second.Gamunu won the battle.Mr. Senarath Paranavitharana said that ‘’Girigama’’ where the place king Dutugamunu passed in battle was the Yudaganawa.Mahavansaya noticed that king Parakkramabahu had built 180 feet height tope at ‘’Kirige’’ where the place his mother Rathnawalee devi burned in.Mr Senarath Paranavitharana had an idea Yudagana tope is to be a Rathnawalee tope.

There was a fact that ancient Yudagana cairn owned to method of Kota vehera .The main feature of Kota vehera is stopping over the terrace bangle and leveled and on the top of tope build a small tomb.

It is undoubtful that they couldn’t complete it away of creating.There are four kota vehera in Srilanka.

1 Dadigama soothigara cairn

2.Daliwala (near Rabukkana ) kotavehera

3.Polonnaruwa Demala Mahasaya

4.Lahugala kota vehera

There are some difference among them .They got lotus shaped.Lotus shaped couldn’t be made in brick,clay and lime plaster.So that the tope is plained. And in top of the tope, a small tope had made.This small tope may be a Kaneenikawa.

Archiologist general director Mr.W.H Wijayapala had said that Yudaganawa was not a lotus shaped and a full tope with square garden.The informations are revealed in archiologist carvings.It is confirmed by the conversation done uder Yudagana conservation project.


                            Yudagana Image House

The image house near to tope is consisted with clay walls.Its upperside has added later.The image of lord Buddha, image of two chief disciple and image of gods are in the viharaya.The paintings belonged to Kandy era are on inside and outside of wall.But only shades of paintings on outside wall are left today.There are some arts on celing at the image house.But some of them got erased.


                             Conservation Of Yudaganawa


It is confirmed that Yudaganawa cairn may be a creation of two era,according to 8 archiological excavation done under Yudagana conservation project. The ruins of cairn applicable to first construction are found.It is sourounding on current constructed cairn wall following improvable method.Past cairn has been built large and conservated cairn wall has been built properly.So that this Yudagana cairn belongs to era in creating. 

  • Monaragala, Sri Lanka

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