The archaeological and historical heritage of Galmaduwa Rajamaha Viharaya

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The historical “Galmaduwa Purana Rajamaha Viharaya” is situate in Kandy,Kundasale across Maiyanganaya main road and go ¾ Km to Naththarmpotha Kalapuraya road. Among the temple is in Sri Lanka this temple is monarchic design. Videlicet this design is the special combination of Buddhist and Hindu art tradition.

                     The meaning of the “Maduwa“ is called mandapa. Otherwise it is open hall. ”Gal Maduwa” alias a kind of stone sage it make beauty for it. This temple named “Galmaduw Viharaya” because  stone sage in here. This area was belonging to kings in Kandy Kundasalaya. This Kanda Udarata Kingdom was pressures  invaders of portuguese,Dutch and British. The reason of that the buildings was in the town was destroyed. So then the king ”Sri veeraparakkrma Narendrasingha” after  Christian era 1707 he made another palace in Kundasale besides main palace in Kandy.The queen of this king was named princess “Waduga” from “Madurapuraya”. Attitude of this royalty of Kandyan was bit by bit it belonging to “Waduga” generation. In this manner the prince and princess who came ever and anon from north India so the Hindu  votaries are increase and the Kandyan art tradition was exceed & noth Indian tradition was set in. The king called “Nayakkar” was often become nominal Buddhist.  

                      This “Galmaduwa Rajamaha Viharaya” was belonging to ”Gedige” tradition and  the king “Kirthi Sri Rajasingha” was built in here. (c:e 1747-1780)But  according to folklore and the historical details was in this area, this place was planed the queen of the king  “Kirthi Sri Rajasingha” who bought a plan in north India and made the “Gedige”. To built this the queen can get the assistance from Meegasthanne “Adikaram”. But  the king  “Kirthi Sri Rajasingha” was not built this temple like as Buddhist temple note in legend. Only the “Gedige” building was built this king and after along time people who lived in here made a small temple and keep buddha statue near of the building note in Legend.According to “Vihara Asnaya” alise Sri Lanka Rajamaha Vihara directory note this “Galmaduwa Viharaya” was not completely made.


                      The Thanjoraye king “Raja Raja maha” was built a fane in style of vertex, we can see the all elements is in “Galmaduwa Viharaya”, there are seven floors in here. The gateway of Kandy “Natha Dewalaya” and “Galmaduwa Viharaya” are same between them. It’s tradition of Wejayanagar. There many spaces for worship god “Wshnu” in here. If this temple was completely built this can be  the second Thanjoraye temple. In top of this building was built using stone and brick and the bottom part was fully made of stone. Fetters of here a quadrangle shape stone arch in several feet height. This arch building was built using white color limestone and mortar with lime, bees' honey and mix juice of “Ankenda” leaves which was bought in “Neththawela” area, idea the of ancient people. The mansion of this temple going lean methodically was end with conical.


This “Galmaduwa Gedige Viharaya” as a temple in presently the incumbent sir “Gammulle Sumanasara Mahanama Himi” who was base in c: e 1938 year for worship in here. He made a roof cover across path of circumambulation and the wall of arch assistance with department of archaeological. This sir gathered the village people who were in”Sri Narendrasingha Kalapura” take off the idol was in “Gedige Viharaya” and clean this  place and keep  Buddha statue in here. The Buddha shrine is in here long 22 feet and width 17 feet..

                  This “Galmaduwa Viharaya” building was not completely made. So the village people who was in here built a small temple in east besides the main building. The idea of the village people is this small temple is built after 125 years towards in original building. There art tradition belonging to the time of Kandy and it was long 29 feet and width 25 feet.. There are “Sathsatiya”,”Solosmasthana”,”maha sangarathnaya” and lotus design on the roof.


We can identify this Buddhist temple named “Galmaduwa Rajamaha Viharaya” was the king “Kerith Sri Rajasingha” who  being this incomplete work and later the village people and monk is built this Buddhists  temple within the special part of Hindu architecture. 

  • Kundasale, Sri Lanka

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