The archaeological and historical heritage of Deyasunnanatha Kerthi Sri Rajasignha Rajamaha Viharaya

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                     Among the temple is situated in period of Kandy this “Deyasunnatha Kirthi Sri Rajasingha Rajamaha Viharaya” is valuable place.  The king “Kirthi  Sri Rajasingha” was built temple with beautiful paintings all around in the Sri lanka. At that time the palingenesis of Buddhism. In that reason the temple are progresses.

                     This temple is in Rabukkana-Mawanalla road and enters the Rabukkana town area. This temple was the religious centre in period of Kandy. Because the king was designed the ‘Poya Geya’ when he bring the team of monk including ‘Upali Therun’ from Siam. That  ‘Poya Geya’’ is also in here safety. It is built using wooden pillars on large stone foundation. This building has two stairs. There are the shrine rooms is in the top side and the ‘Poya Geya’ is in the bottom side. There is a beautiful old carpet and Buddha image made by bronze.

               According to legend there are an inscription with written by brahmi character, but there are no any inscription find from here. In that time the carpet including flower patterns was the valuable antiquities. It made by fill the cotton wool within one inch thickness. The bronze Buddha image is similar to ‘Aukana Buddha image’. Among the painting is in here the painting “Maraparajaya”  is take the specialty of  other painting.

             The ‘Deyasunnatha Darmajothi Himi’ was the person who deftness of the medicine lived in this ‘Deyasunnatha Viharaya’. He was translated the ’Besajja Manjusawa’ into Sinhala. This temple is useful  for the people who like to study about architecture paint work.



  • Kandy , Sri Lanka

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