The archaeological and historical heritage of Danakirigala Rajamaha Viharaya

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                  In past Anuradhapura as named “Wadunnagala”, “Wadunnagal Paya” and this ‘Danakirigala Viharaya’ is the oldest temple in Sri Lanka. This temple has many legends. The king ‘Maha Wejayabaho’ was come to ‘Wakirigala’ for the safety for the war of the chola. And also the king was hiding his substance in ‘Wadunnagala’. As well as the prince IV “Wejayaba” also hide his father’s (Panditha Parakkramabaho) substance in here.  in this manner this place use for lay up their substance so it become ‘Danakirigala’ note in legends.

                 As well as lots of kings use ‘Wakirigala’ as a control center and the ‘Danakirigala’ as center of protection. In this rock there are ruins of a palace, the two ponds made by using stairs and there is a pillar use for tie the elephants. According to legend in past the ‘Naga Goththraya’ was lived in here. This ‘Danakirigala’ temple is famous for paintings. Among the paintings is in period of Kandy its take incomparable. In national museum in Colombo there is a painting copy of this temple. According to Mr. H.C.P.Bell the king ‘Rajasingha’ patronage for this temple.


                 The stairs which use for climb this ‘Danakirigala Viharaya’ was bring the ‘Leuke Adekaram’ who was bring that stone when he went to the bath. There are 367 stairs in this ‘‘Danakirigala Viharaya’’. There is a statue of ‘Leuke Adekaram’. Among the temple with painting belonging to period of Kandy this ‘Danakirigala Viharaya’’ is the famous places.

  • Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka

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