The archaeological and historical heritage of Babaragala Rajamaha Viharaya

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                     Among the temple is in Kandy district this “Babaragala Rajamaha Viharaya” is the valuable historical place. the reason of that there is a inscription, stone  with Brahma character in Kandy area. There are few inscriptions in Kandy area. This temple is situated from Kandy to Degana junction in Teldeniya road and the go 1km to Senarathwela junction. There are many legend about how it named “Babaragala”. There are people named “Babara” lived in this area. so this area become “Babaragala”. as well as  there are a rock avove this temple like as a top and this area become “Babaragala”.


                     According to history about this temple belonging to period of Christian anterior. Beacues of the inscription in that period. But this temple was built in period of kandy the king “Kerith Sri Rajasinha” (c:e 1747-1782). This king was rebuilt this Buddhism. Bring the ordination from Siam and reconstruction the temples and built new temples. There are beautiful dragon pandol is in this temple. it is the new part of this temple. when go under this dragon pandol there are stairs well made. When climb it there monastery and  big “Darmashalawa” we can see. There are another stairs  we can enter this temple which we cross this stairs. This temple is a crypt temple. the temple is in crypt with cauldron. There are “Sathapena Pilimaya” and lots of painting belonging to style of “Udarata” art tradition.


                      The cement surface was made using cement mixing paddy shale. Among the painting in “Babaragala Rajamaha Viharaya” there flower design on the roof and “Suvesivewaranaya” draw on the wall. But these painting are change colour and destroyed. These must be preservation immediately.


                     The reason of the construction of Victoria fountain the people who lived in here have to vacate this area. So the alms is bring the people who is in “Senarathwela”, “Methulemada” and “Wawegama” villages. We can see the beautiful scenery of Victoria fountain when climb the mountain which the temple is in. this wonderful historical place is in Kandy area advertency of devotees.




  • Digana, Sri Lanka

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