The archaeological and historical heritage of Asgiriya Adahanamaluwa Gedige Vihara

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Asgiriya Adahanamaluwa Gedige Vihara

The Asgiri Gedige Veharaya alias Adahana Maluwa Veharaya is one of the important shrine in Kandy where it was the first temple that hosted Dalada Karanduwa while it was moved from Ratnapura to Kandy.

In period of monastic society was seriously decadence even not ordination the King “Kerthi Sri Rajasingha” was sent people to counties which popular Buddhism. Result of it “Upali Suwamin Wahanse” who came from Siam in “Ayodhyapurayen” was bought ordination again. That same  historical and esteemed ordination was set up in this Senkadagala Gedige Rajamaha Veharaya. The pass away of load Buddha was in after 2280 years  the ordination was done by vouchsafe from king “kerthi Sri Rajasingha”.

According to history of Asgiriya temple it was build during the period of Gampola. In that time the king III “Weekkramapaho” (c:e 1357-1374) in Gampola kingdom who built this temple in 1364, as a rememberance of his mother queen “Chandrawathi” alias “Asgiri Deviya”. The bodhi tree was planting on top of her grave.

We can see today the “poya semawa” even the time of king “Kerthi Sri Rajasingha” who was committed ordination mark. This “poya semawa” was long 230 cubit and width 28 cubit. The stone tower engravings of limit marks is preservation. Gedige Veharaya also made by stone. The roof of the temple is with  engravings of the lion ,whale and other animals. In past this temple has large area with top terrace, middle terrace and bottom terrace like as. This bottom terrace was made for revenue the king and queen who king  in “Udarata”.”Dona Katirina” alias “Kusumasana Deviya” also revenue in here. In that reason this “Rjamaha Veharaya”,”Adahana Maluwa” was famous named “Gedige Veharaya” . The  kings and queens tombstone which revenue in here is destroyed when develop of the railway across Matale to Kandy. “Upali Suwamin Wahanse” who bought ordination  also revenue in here. The remains of this venerable sir also detached in this temple.

There is a historical factor about “Asgiri Gedige Veharaya” is important to Buddhist people. Videlicet when come here  end of the “Randoli Perahara” of temple of tooth, after keep 24 hours  the  ”Karaduwa” in here they doing every ritualism for it. next day this “Perahara” is start in here. In that reason this “Asgiri Veharaya” also called “Dalada Gamana Maligaya”. The king “Narendra Singha” has given lots of lands for “Asgiri Veharaya” (c:e 1701-1739). Videlicet around the temple cosmetically mountain this side, Udawaththe Wata Katin this side and this side of Mahayaye Athulen. But today those land out of control of the temples. come of  ancestry to “Wariyapola Sri Sumangala Hemi”, group of monk live in here now. The honorary “Vedaruwe Upali Thera” is hold current incumbent in here. This “Asgiri Gedige Veharaya” is belonging to part of generation in “Mada Pansala”.

This Rajamaha veharaya is the historical places  of buddhist  people should see this temple  even people who come to worship temple of tooth. 

  • Asgiriya, Sri Lanka
  • Empire/Dynasty: Gampola Kingdom
  • From 1357 AD - to 1374 AD

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